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A fire pit can afford exclusive appealing addition to your yard.

Difficulty: Moderate


Things You'll Want

Sandstone blocks Chisel Brick hammer Shovel Gravel Hand meddle or plate compactor Level Masonry caulk Iron campfire ring

2 Mark the ground roughly an inch outside the perimeter of the sandstones by means of a spade or spade.

3 Remove the stones plus create any trench that is 12 inches deep and as wide as one block all over the fringe location you marked off. Therefore dig lower 6 inches in the area within the trench. Lay the sandstones in the ditch to make sure they fit. If not, widen the ditch.

4 Fill the trench only with a 3-inch layer of gravel. Compact the gravel by way of hand tamper or plate compactor. Add any second 3-inch layer plus compact this layer as properly.

5 Lay the outer ring of sandstones inside the trench. Arrange some level on top of each pair stones you lay to ensure the surface is degree. Work alongside the perimeter till you have laid the entire outer ring.

7 Fill the pit together with 6 inches of gravel.

8 Add any third plus fourth ring of sandstones by repeating the steps of adding a layer of masonry adhesive plus setting the stones on top.

9 Add an iron campfire ring into the circle.

Tips & Warnings

Before digging any type of pit or patio, dial 811, any free assistance that will post someone to your home to examine for underground utility wires.


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