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The Fed Communications Commission (FCC) is an independent agency in the United States that is manages interstate communication on radio, Tv, wire, satellite and cable. FCC rules and regulations are part about Title 47 regarding the Federal Code of Laws, and deal with everything away from experimental (non-transmit) radio transmissions to satellite transmissions. Licenses are offered for beginners, aircraft, general mobiles, restricted also commercial operators plus dispatch operators, amongst additionals. License application forms may be filled out online.

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1 Employ the Common Licensing System to apply online. The initial action is obtaining an FCC Registration Number (FRN). If you have registered for a license before, you can use your existing registration number. If you are unsure if you have an FRN, search the Web database for your call signs (view Resources below).

2 Complete the first application Web. No manual forms are required, but manual forms are available if you need them. Call up (888) 225-5322 to request manual forms.

3 Fork out the required fees. For large companies , the FCC cannot process credit card transactions above $100,000. For amateurs and most little enterprises , this is never any issue.

Amateurs must take any test previous to filing with some license. The FCC recommends that is you pre-register for the test. Radio frequency coordinators may help you choose a beneficial radio frequency. View the link underneath for some list of coordinators.


Taking Started Directions to FCC Licenses Online FCC License Filing Frequency Coordinators

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