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Social networking is the present craze in internet applications, also Microsoft absolutely does never intend to be remaining out in the frigid with regard to its internet dominance. It has recently snapped up a fine bit about storage management software named Skydrive, which it has transformed into a Windows Stay product. By using Skydrive, Windows Live users are granted exclusive equivalent volume of online storage area because yous available in their Hotmail accounts. However, Skydrive differs from Hotmail in the sense that it provides exclusive uncluttered space for secure file sharing as well whereas the freedom to share your files publicly in the same way that you would on common social networking internet site like Myspace.

Difficulty: Average


1 Press the "Get Started" button on the Skydrive homepage. Skydrive is any safe and easy-to-make use of application, supplied for free by Windows Live. You can find it at the URL address website, and via pressing "Get Started" at the homepage, you will be granted admittance to its 5GB of online storage space.

2 Log In with your Windows Live I.D. The cool thing about Skydrive is that you don't have to download every storage management software. Instead, it can be opened increase by using the identical email address & password that you use to access your Windows Stay accounts. While it remains a good deal wish Hotmail (both game 5GB regarding online storage place), Skydrive is simpler to get in and out of when you're searching to any particular file. You don't boast to search for a particular email and open the file you need as an attachment, rather you exactly search for and available the file itself.

3 Pick out some folder to add files to. Skydrive is lightweight in style, offering 3 folders for you to upload your files to: 1.) Private Folders, 2.) Shared Folders & 3.) Public Folders. What this means is that you can publish your files privately, in invitation-only in secure file sharing, or you can broadcast your files to the total planet. This remains obviously another distinction between Skydrive also Windows Stay Hotmail. If you're creative, you can even use this online storage place since any makeshift blog.

4 Browse your database to locate your files & upload it to Skydrive folders. Exactly as with Windows Reside Hotmail, Skydrive permits you to browse your PC also upload file following file. However, as soon as you press upload, the file is actively amassed on Skydrive's online storage space, although with Hotmail the file would only really be attached to your email when the email itself was sent.

Using Your Supplementary Computer

1 Log into your Skydrive account. When you log onto your Skydrive account on your secondary computer, you will only need to warning upward once again with your Windows Live account email address & symbol. This yous the sorcery regarding Skydrive; here is no storage management software that you need to download on either computer. Once you log within, you will be returned to your homepage where you will once again get the option to open awake your personal, shared & public folders.

2 Wide open the folder wherever you have saved your file. Unlike your own P.C., where you may sometimes accidentally conserve files in strange nether regions that are rapidly forgotten, it won't be easy to squander your files on Skydrive since it only has 3 folder choices to choose from.

Suggestions & Warnings

Make utilize of the "comment" feature on Skydrive to tag your favorite stills or files, or receive comments from friends who you invite to view your folders. Considering Skydrive works on an invitation-only basis, you will never need to worry that your personal photographs are becoming viewed by means of strangers out of all over the world, still you will yet be able to enjoy the social networking features of this application if you thus desire. Although Skydrive lets you use 5 GB of online storage space, particular drawback of using this software is that is it will only allow you to upload files that is are 50 MB or reduced in dimension. Often, a file can be resized by means of using the program that it was made with in the first location. However, numerous free online tools may in addition be used to accomplish this task.

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